Today was a much better day for both of us. My joints weren’t hurting when I woke, no headache, and pretty stable moods. The man is feeling good. He felt ‘lighter’ and less swollen. We were both pretty tired because the little one was up all night, but we survived the day.
I had two egg yolks in broth in the morning and no reaction. The man had left overs and strawberries for lunch and no reaction. So far so good.
For dinner, I made soup with pork meatballs. It was delish!

Veg soup with meatballs
8 cups broth
2 cups carrots and turnip
4 cups tomatoes
1 cup onion
1 cup celery
Ghee or coconut oil
Heat onions and celery in a huge soup pot for 15-20 mins with ghee and broth, until translucent. Add everything else and simmer for 40 mins.
3 lbs ground pork
1 lb ground beef
1 T thyme
Salt and pepper
Mix everything together and form into balls. Boil a small amount of broth in a large sauce pan. Simmer balls until cooked through. Add to soup to simmer for the last 10 mins.
meatball soup