I had a lot of ginger tea this morning. My headache is gone and I tried the raw egg yolk. The man doesn’t have sensitivities to egg but I do. I boiled chicken broth and placed separated egg yolk, 4 for him and one for me. No reaction from either of us! Pretty awesome.
I had broth for lunch and some sauerkraut.
For dinner we had white fish, carrots and parsnips.
I felt pretty good all day. The man still is having some symptoms.

Ginger tea
1thumb sized piece of ginger, thinly sliced or grated
I pot full of water
1 squeeze of lemon
Add ginger to water and simmer for up to 1/2hour or boil and/or let sit over night. Pour into a mug and squeeze lemon in. Add a small amount of honey if needed.

6 filets of small white fish
Basil pesto
Smother the fish in basil pesto. Boil a small amount of broth in the bottom of a large sauce pan. Melt ghee in broth. Add fish. Crush garlic over the fish. Flip the fish after 4 minutes. Serve with broth.

Basil pesto
Large bag of basil picked
Blend everything together. Use as much as needed and freeze the rest.

Carrots and parsnips
Boil in broth, crush garlic into broth. Strain and grind salt over to serve.