Day eight

I love long weekends. We slept until 8. I ran out and picked up a few things for some crafts I’m doing and a bike carrier for the boy. All before lunch. Broth and left over stuffed peppers for breakfast for me and eggs for the man. And the meatball stew for lunch. We walked out to the nursery and got a few flowers to brighten our garden before the spring blooms come in. It was a beautiful day.
We had a simple meal of slow simmered burgers, broccoli and onions. It’s amazing how simple meals fill us up.
Tomorrow I am cutting out sauerkraut, I added it on Friday and I think that is why I’m having some digestive issues (gassy and loose stool). Both our brains are doing better today. I’m not sure why we were both off yesterday morning. Even though the boy is primarily breastfed, he is having a gassy tummy and more frequent bowel movements, we will see if he gets better with me going off the kraut. I’ll still continue taking the juice.
I am building my fermented food collection. I have a regular kefir ferment going, with kefir grains for me and with the powdered starter for the man, as we have different tastes. I have water kefir grains, but I only use them every so often as I like kombucha better. I am currently fermenting ketchup. Tomorrow I think I’ll start a mustard and a hot pepper ferment. I am also going to try to start a coffee kombucha brew. I think it’ll be interesting if it works!
Ketchup recipe to be updated later with the mustard and hot sauce recipe.