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So, I believe we are on stage 4 of the GAPS intro diet. We are basically moving through and adding things as long as we don’t react. I am still reacting to eggs, so I’m giving it a rest. The thing is, I don’t react to eggs when I eat them with other food. I don’t really understand it, but maybe I just need to have eggs with toast or something. Toast.
The man has reported that he has not needed to take GABA for three days. This is amazing. I have been feeling good as well. I think we are both still healing but things are looking up. I had a couple of bad hours this week and took a placenta pill, but I feel like I’m functioning higher as well.
I found an awesome kombucha jar today. It’s a ceramic water jug holder, I think it’s around two gallons. This way we can have two continuous brews happening at the same time and be able to pull the booch twice a week! Way! We go through the secondary ferments in a couple of days and have to wait for a week before we can drink it again. This week I made chlorella mint, cherry mint, and cherry grape secondary ferments. I ferment them to nearly vinegar. It is so yummy. Let me know if you need a mother!!!
I did the oil pulling today. I held out for about 16 minutes until the boy woke up and I had to spit it out. It was fine. I’ll do it again tomorrow. I did notice I had a headache for about an hour today. It could be the detox from the oil pulling. The man is going to try tomorrow.
Today, I did not prepare any food. I had broth and tea for breakfast, casserole for lunch, and casserole and broth for dinner. We had some blackberries in the evening. They are so good. I did start a hot pepper ferment for the man. He really misses his Franks, lol.

Hot pepper ferment
hot peppers (jalapeño, habanero, cayenne, serrano, etc. anything you can get your hands on)
1 bulb garlic
2 t salt
2 cups water
spices (optional) mustard seed, star anise, clove, pepper
Seed the peppers if you want and peel the garlic. Add spices to the jar if using. Stuff the peppers and garlic in a jar so they are very tightly packed. Mix the salt and water to make a brine. Pour brine over peppers so they are covered. Push down on the peppers. Cover with cheese cloth or paper towel and put in a dark cupboard for at least two weeks. I also placed a stone on the top of the peppers to keep them under the brine. You can use whey if you like, I just wanted to try it with brine. I’ll let you know how it goes.