My hope in going through this diet is that we can be normal without having to self-medicate, with supplements. I want to be able to eat (healthy) food that I want to eat without paying for it later. I want the boy to grow up without allergies and stress from his digestive system. I want the man to be healthy and active without supplementation.
One thing we have been doing to help us stay on track with the diet is to talk about why we are doing this. It helps to remind us that this is a healing diet that will heal our bodies and minds. It is restrictive, but it’s not forever, and the benefits we will hopefully gain will out weigh the trouble we are going through right now.
So, what is the out with the old, in with the new? Change is definitely hard, but so good. Out with the chip nights, in with hand prepared meals together. Out with store bought prepared meats, in with roasted and smoked meats from home. Out with chocolate addiction, in with raw deserts (after the intro). Out with grazing, in with structured meals.
And then there is just the new! More fermented foods, yogurt, kefir, sauces, etc. Even with all the preparing I’m doing, I find I have more time for walks and sewing.
We are doing this to be better.