We are at the end of stage three and moving into stage four. It has nearly been two weeks. I weighed myself today and so far, I’ve lost 7 pounds. That is amazing as, after my initial weight loss after birthing the boy, I haven’t lost anything, despite exercise.
As we add foods on, things are getting easier. Not easy enough for the man, but he is still sticking to it. My favourite thing he said today was, “I just don’t like being told what I can and can’t eat.’ I reminded him that he wanted to do GAPS diet in the first place, so really, he is telling himself what he can and can’t eat. Sheesh.
We decided that after two more weeks we will treat ourselves to a night at the Brazilian BBQ, all meat, all the time.
Today we went garage saling. We didn’t really find anything except a 5 gallon ceramic spigot jug!!!!! We are starting a kombucha factory! Yum. I discovered that it takes a lot of time to brew 5 gallons of tea when you’re working with 2-4 quart pots, lol. I need another stockpot. Donations accepted.
I have found I am spending less time in the kitchen. I think it’s because I have prepared a lot of the fermented foods we are eating and now we’re enjoying the fruits of my labour. We had leftovers for lunch and burgers, peppers, and brussels sprouts for dinner. It was simple and delish. I did make a ridiculous amount of tea for our kombucha and I juiced a watermelon and placed some water kefir grains in the juice for some fermented watermelon juice. I hope it works. It is so refreshing. I also saved about a cup of the juice for my next secondary ferment of kombucha. I will do mint-watermelon.